Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just an average weekend.

Saturday morning was the PERFECT morning for a run! It was 54 degrees and absolutely amazing out. Tabitha and I got in a quick 3 mile run at a 10 min/mile average before I hurried to meet up with my friend Natalie for another 4 miles. It was quite a bit warmer and the sun was fully up during our run but it was still beautiful! The cooler weather this week has been a definite relief! I forgot to take a picture of Natalie and I after our run. I'm not sure why but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with her dog licking my leg. Animals. :)

When I got home from my run I noticed how much laundry I had piled up to do and was instantly coerced into taking a short day trip to Omaha to get in some shopping and sibling time. Laundry can wait when there are back-to-school Target sales to go bankrupt on very wisely take advantage of.

I am seriously the most blessed girl in the world to have such amazing friends. AND they are related to me. These three hotties are my siblings and we have a blast together. I have yet to have a bad day with them in my life!!
Just think- they have to put up with me and my bad jokes forever. hehehe.

I happened to see this while we were stopped at a red light and I had to get a picture. My sister was sleeping and she woke up to me chanting "light-stay-red-light-stay-red-light-stay-red" so I could get a picture before the light turned........
The nice gentleman didn't really appear to appreciate me taking a picture of him or his truck or his sign. I was glad that I turned and we parted the bullets for the bad guys dude.

Shopping makes you hungry, or maybe it was the 7 miles we ran that morning, but lunch was on que pretty much as soon as we got into town. I am a horrible decision maker and extremely fortunate that when it comes to food my sister does not mess around- she knows her stuff.
Hu-hot is Tabitha's favorite place to eat. It doesn't matter where we are, if you ask here where she wants to eat, she will always, always say "hu-hot". We could be in the middle of a cornfield and she would still say it. It's not my favorite but I do have to say, it's some seriously addicting stirfry. I didn't get any noodles but just loaded my plate full of beans, onions, mushrooms and meat. So delicious. I did have to fight back some minor anger because when they dumped my bowls of ingredients on the grill, they spilled about 1/2 cup of onions on the floor. Dude, don't short me my onions.  

I had to include this picture of my sister because she is seriously gorgeous. Wow. I have assigned myself to be her personal body guard at all times. It's a double barreled shotgun keeping the boys at bay.

One of the only downers about country-dwelling is that the nearest froyo establishment is about 90 miles away. I know you are thinking 'poor deprived girl' and you are SO right. It's a miracle that I can ever smile. :) The only remedy I have found to this problem is to vow to never pass a froyo shop without partaking. I am devoted to keeping my vows, to say the very least.
Mocha + brownie bites + raspberries + granola. And a scoop of the little fruity jelly-pod thingies. I know, I know, that's not what they are called! The really funny thing is that I NEVER used to get them until I went for froyo with my friend Grace. She loves them and left me snitch some from her bowl. She got me hooked. The only thing I actually can't stand them mixed with the froyo- I like them plain. Weird, I know.

Omaha is not the brightest or best of cities but it has become a major draw since my sister married an Omaha boy and changed her address to match his. They also have one of the cutest and happiest babies I have ever laid eyes on so they have scored even more brownie points in my book.
We met up with them for a couple games of bowling which are never fair since my brother in law totally dominates. Oh well- I'll let you bowl a couple of my frames if I get to hold to chubster a little bit longer! :)

It was a great week-end finished off by a thought provoking sermon this morning at church. I am always grateful to have extra time on Sunday mornings to focus on what God is teaching me and showing me and how He is shaping me to be in His image. The sermon this morning was all about attitudes and our hearts and our faith............if you stripped away everything in life except our hearts-- what would we have. If you took away the running, and family, and froyo and working and gardens and laughing and flat tires and nephews and everything good, bad or otherwise; where is your heart with God?
That's what really matters.

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