Monday, August 13, 2012

11 Mile Run.

Sometimes the weather is just so perfect I could eat it.
Today's run was scheduled for 3pm with my friend Natalie and I was a little bit nervous to see just how stinking hot it might be. I forgot that fall is around the corner and today was a great reminder! It was about 83* with a good breeze and absolutely beautiful.
Bring on Fall!!

My friend Natalie is a veteran runner and I am lucky enough to be able to mostly keep up with her on our runs......we work together and during lunch the other day we decided to go running together since we are basically neighbors. (If you live in the country, anyone who lives within 10 miles of you is your neighbor. Which still adds up to only 2.5 people) hopefully she doesn't get absolutely sick of me from work AND running together. :) She is a super great Mom, laughs at all my corny jokes and feeds me pumpkin pancakes. What more can you ask for in a friend??

Post-run smiles!!

 Today's run turned into a brisk walk, but it was great to get in several good miles. When we got back, my runtastic app told us we had accomplished 6 miles, but the trip meter on Natalie's car told her only 5 miles.........I was just sliggghtly tempted to delete the app out of frustration!
I haven't had any problems with my app so far, so this really surprises me. I read a review today that said that after tracking 4 miles, the app performance starts to decline, so I might split my runs into two sessions on the app to avoid this problem in the future.
In the meantime, is it okay if I just say we ran 11 miles today?? :)

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  1. Your a great running buddy and its going to take a VERY long time for me to get tired of you! You are also a great friend who will keep me and my goals in line!