Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Independence Day 5k!

This year we began a new tradition- 5k on the Fourth!! :) It was pretty chill, lemme tell you!
It was a last minute decision-- I was originally going to be working all day but miracle of miracles- had the day AND night off! Woot!
The race began at 8am, with registration at 7am, so we got there around 7:30.
I loved running in the race because it supported our local community. The race was sponsored by several local small businesses and the proceeds went to the annual firework show! I love me some small town- especially MY small town!

Before the race I was really jittery because my left knee was feeling incredibly weird. Yuck. I warmed up and stretched and stretched knee still felt weird. 
The beginning of the race was weird and I almost lost my focus. I started towards the front of the pack and within the first 100 feet, nearly every person had passed me. I was in the last 10 of the 140ish runners! I was having a hard time judging my pace with all the other runners but I just kept telling myself it was O.K. if they were all THAT much faster than me!
I found my pace and just kept focused........and started passing people like crazy. Within the first 1/2 mile dozens of people dropped down to a walk or slowed significantly. Passing the people should have been exhilarating, but it was exhausting. There were a lot of people runnings in groups-- 4 or 5 wide so passing required running around them and dodging people. I was unbelieveably frustrated but just decided to cool off and just run for fun. Don't sweat the small stuff! I'm glad there were people out there running and running together-- even if they did slow the race down for lots of other people!

It was about 90 degrees and the heat made the run tough. The heat really got to me towards the last part of the race. I've been running EARLY in the mornings when it's about 70 out, so the 20 degrees made a big difference.
The race route was about 1/2 gravel and 1/2 pavement. It had some rolling hills and one stinker of an uphill stretch! There were several aid stations and people out cheering you on the course.

Best running buddy ever!! :)
I finished with a 30:56 time which was 2 seconds faster than my first 5k in May.
After the race there was plenty of water and gatorade and bars- LUNA, Cliff etc...
They gave awards to 1, 2 & 3 plus several different age groups. I would be lying if I was calculating how much faster I have to get by next year in order to place. :)

Post race fuel- scrambled eggs with veggies & chocolate milk with espresso. Super love.

Looking forward to another great 5k next year!!

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  1. Ugh. 90 degrees! I strongly dislike running in the heat!!!!! Great job