Monday, July 16, 2012

The run when my tongue fell asleep.

Work last night was a long 8 hours of nothing. As awesomesauce as my job is, it includes some insanely boring shifts where all you can do is find things to do to stay awake and ready for whatever emergency comes your way. As a result of the very quiet night, and my officers all out of office; I barely said a word the entire night. Half way through my run this morning my tongue fell asleep and I resolved to never again allow so many hours to pass without speaking.
I mean, good grief what if I had met my soulmate on my run and when he greeted me my stupid tongue slurred my words and crippled the bloom of love that could have been? You can't take chances like that!

Running incentive #1 today- running from a bad hair day.

I got literally run off the road by this truck pulling a building the size of a small house on it. Whew. #1 reason why I run with 1 earbud and always check over my shoulder for traffic every few feet!!

Same-old-same-old running route!

#1 priority today.....sleeping. Another midnight tonight, plus extra day shift work Tuesday!!

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