Monday, July 9, 2012

Blueberry Tears

This morning I slept in, because it's Saturday, and that's what normal people do on Saturday. Sleep in or do yard work. And being that I am yard-less, I stuck with the sleeping in.
Before I went to bed last night I made a mental note to make a breakfast that included bananas, because I have 5 that turned from green to brown in 1.5 hours. This morning as I walked out of the kitchen with my fully prepared breakfast in my hands, I spied the basket of brown bananas and realized that my mental note must have gotten stuck somewhere between the pillow and the pillowcase.
I had a very 'Return to Me' moment and said "I don't want no brown bananas" before I sliced one up to add to my breakfast.
Being a Saturday AND my rest day, I'm not very motivated for anything goal related, but I did set a goal to NOT burn the egg pan. I have burned the pan to charred blackness every morning that I made eggs for the past two weeks. Something is seriously wrong with me.
I didn't burn the pan, but it took 3 minutes longer to cook the eggs than usual. 3 minutes is 3 minutes, but we all know how much I looooove eggs, and 3 minutes is just too much extra time for me to contemplate significantly yummier breakfast options and abandon the eggs. Who has tummy-time for eggs when there is oatmeal to be had??

Just chillin' the afternoon away sitting out on the deck watching a storm roll in. The clouds are beaaaautiful! I journaled it up while I had my afternoon snack- yogurt & granola. I cried almost as much as it rained after I found out that someone used the last of the blueberries. My poor snack is incomplete. How can I eat yogurt and granola sans blueberries?? This is a first world problemo fo sho.

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