Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Zombies on my morning run.

Last night I was tuckered out and went to bed at 8:30.
I promptly woke up at 10:51 and couldn't fall back asleep to save my life!!

This morning I got up early to go for my run. The heat has really been killing me these past few evenings (90+ degrees at 8pm) so I decided to take advantage of the fact that it is about 60 in the morning. Yay.

Lacing up the shoes.

Yes, I typically eat my earbud cord for a mid-run snack. Small wonder I am always replacing those bad boys.


This dilapidated old trailer may or may not have urged me to run just a little bit faster. It was tucked into these wildly overgrown trees & bushes, and then right in the midst of the thicket was this perfectly cleared path.......I kid you not......I was waiting for the zombie apocolypse. Of all the days to leave the artillery at home!!

The engine is evidently MIA. Maybe the zombies took it.

Mr. Train. Where is your engine??

This was supposed to be a thumbs up picture, but my pointer finger went rogue.
What up homies? It's be your own gangsta day!!

Breakfast. Oh yum. Oatmeal + grapefruit.

Go kill your Wednesday before it kills you! 

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