Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Things Friday.

1. It's that time of year again..............taxes, setting financial goals and rehashing my budget. I'm slightly OCD about my finances and save every receipt. At the end of the year I go through each receipt, itemize and tally each area of my spending. This may be redundant since all the money I spend comes out of a meticulous budget to begin with.  I had an overwhelming number of receipts from last year.......not a small task. 

2. I'm down to my last 3 quest bars, which means I'm on ration until I can place another order. I'm having a terrible time deciding what flavor to get this time..........I may have to break down and get two boxes. I'd really like to try the new flavor (cookies and cream) but I'm scared to buy an entire box in the event that I'm not crazy about them. Right now I'm battling between PB&J and White Chocolate Raspberry. Help a girl out and tell me which to get!! 

3. I was the creeper at the gym the other day taking photos of other people..........but it was so adorable I couldn't help it. I was warming up on the stairmaster and got a bird's eye view of this sweet wife lending a hand to her husband after his suspenders came loose. Couples who workout together, stay together. And they are wearing purple. winning. 

4. My sister spoiled me and got me some starbucks coffee for Christmas. Each cup is turning me into the ultimate coffee snob. Thanks, Rebecca for ruining my ability to settle for folgers. 

5. OLYMPICS. Need I say more?? When I was a child, I had ambitions of being a figure skater. These ambitions grew from nights getting to stay up and watch Olympic figure skating sprawled out on my stomach on the old brown carpet on our living room floor. I have a best friend and a cousin who were both ice skaters and incredible at it, bno. My first opportunity to actually get skates on the ice came when I was 12, and I immediately changed my mind. I'll just make it my ambition to skate without every breaking a bone.

Do you keep or throw your receipts?

Which sport would you compete in if you were an Olympic athlete?? 


  1. I was in love with Kristi Yamaguchi when I was younger, but my real obsession was gymnastics for sure :) I say you get the PB&J box and buy one cookies n cream bar to try it out!

  2. I would get the cookies and cream and the chocolate raspberry. Not that I've ever tried either one, they just sound deelish!
    Oh, that pic of her helping him with his suspenders is hilarious!! And they're both working out in jeans! Adorbs.
    I'm loving watching the olympics, but never really wanted to be a part of them.

  3. WOW you are so organized with your receipts, I really need to be better about that! I also dreamed of being a figure skater...unfortunately I have zero coordination so that was NOT happening. But I sure love watching. Olympics are amazing. Happy weekend girl, and happy valentines day!