Friday, December 20, 2013

Six things Saturday.

It happened again! Friday got away from me so my five things Friday turned into Six things Saturday. But hey, means I get to talk more so I'm down. :)

1. 'Tis the season to slooooow down! After a super aggressive these past few months, I had some extra down time this week which was amazing. I probably should have gotten more things crossed off my non-work-related to-do list, but when there is coffee to be drunk, twinkle lights to admire and Ellen to watch on youtube, who has time for laundry? 

2. Extra time off works also means extra time to hang out with the littlest brother..........who is growing up way too fast!! We were celebrating his last day of school before Christmas break..........and planning fun things to do while he is school free these next two weeks. 

3. My fb newsfeed has been blown up all week with commentary on the Phil Robertson I the only one who is completely disinterested in joining in the online debate of such subjects?? I'd much rather sit down with a friend and have a mature (i.e. loving!) conversation pertaining to a controversial subject than stir the pot on social media. 

4. Gingerbread addiction meets Christmas ornament love. Can you believe this little maid even smelled like gingerbread?? Gosh, I need one to hang in my house tree or no tree.

5. My coed volleyball team played for the championship this week.............and we won!!! It has been a blast to get to play regularly lately and the season ended without any of my teammates wanting to strangle least not that I heard. :) I tend to live in blissful denial of my competitive streak but this season has reminded me just how strong it really is. 

6. Last week was  particularly difficult in that it brought the sale of our family farm. My eldest sister, who is an amazing writer and photographer wrote a beautiful tribute to our home place and her photos are unreal. I loved her thoughts -so beautiful and fitting! it wasn't just any place- it was ours

Favorite Christmas ornament??

Yay or nay for team sports? 

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  1. So sorry about the sale of your family farm, it is so hard to say goodbye to things that mean so much! Thinking of you! I love that gingerbread ornament, adorable. Anything that smells like gingerbread is a winner in my book!