Thursday, October 24, 2013

then there was hope.

Running is more than just running. Come with me and see.


the excitement bubbling up inside while changing shoes.

the quick stretching, loosening up my legs.

the tension of the day slipping away as my feet meet the street.

the first rolling hill, my legs reminding me of yesterday's heavy deadlifts.

the late afternoon sun slipping towards the horizon, shifting colors every minute.

the strains of Eric Church spilling out of the truck with two pairs of boots protruding from beneath the hood.

the heart-rate building, the pace quickening.

the pavement decorated with leaves.

the truck full of teenage boys that circled the block. three times.

the unnoticed lip in the street that nearly caused a faceplant.

the light shifting, causing my own shadow to scare me.

the gratitude welling up within me for the ability to run.

the prayers going up for my running friends who are injured.
 the struggle to stay on pace.

the mental debate what my post-run fuel will be.

the first big hill.

the perfect Hollywood Undead tune to propel me to the top.

the feeling of accomplishment.

the dog that chased me and can indeed run faster than I can.

the coworker that honked and waved.

the thoughts about life. is this all my life is? if this is always how my life is, am I okay with that? who do I want to be? do my choices on the daily reflect where I want to end up in life?

the temptation to shortcut my intended 4 miles for 3.

the reminder that nothing worth having is easy.

the sweat dripping off my face.

the hill that felt like it would never end.

the little voice "this is too hard".

 the fight to try.

the realization that my running capris are tighter than they used to be......and not in a good way.

the choice to remember that the size of my pants has nothing to do with how valuable as I am as a person, or much I love running or what I will remember at the end of my life.

the dead end.

the scent of laundry freshener spilling out of the tiny white house on the corner.

the steady rhythm of my unused ear bud thumping against my chest.

the worry cropping up inside for my friend who is struggling.

the assurance that God will hold her just as closely as He holds me.

the elderly couple with walkers, circling the block together.

the end in sight.

the last little bit of energy expelled.

the dash to the end.

the smile.

the victory.

the hope that emerged within me.

If you saw me running, it may appear like just another run. Just some sweat, the city streets and the cool evening breeze.
But when we run, it's more.

What did you feel/notice/believe during your run today?