Thursday, October 10, 2013

Never have I Ever.

Once upon a time there was a 12 year old girl at a bridal shower who was issued 4 pennies before the game 'never have I ever' was begun. The object of the game was to win all the pennies from the other guests. At the end of the game, said 12 year had won all the pennies. I remember thinking 'this was a pointless game, there is absolutely no skill involved'. No, indeed. Think about how many pennies YOU could win as a 12 year old at a bridal shower.........ahem. Time is now in my favor because I distinctly remember most of those questions and 10 years later; I'd still be winning those pennies because none of my answers have changed. Skills indeed. Old fashioned values and complete lack of a social life win every time!!

All kidding aside, Amanda (one of my favorite running, writing, makes you laugh and feel happy inside bloggers) is linking up a Never Have I Ever theme today.

Not only does it sound like a great subject for a post, but it also sounds like one smash-up of an online party-- I'm not about to waste a party invitation! Especially this one because you can attend from the comfort of your bed or couch with no need for make-up, rocking your post-run sweaty-ness while listening to paramore on repeat and drinking your 2nd protein shake of the day. Oh, just me?? 

+driven a manual vehicle without killing the engine at least once per mile.
they say practice makes perfect, but I beg to differ. I think I do worse each time I try.

+ participated in a painting project which didn't turn into a paint war. 
it's all fun and games until someone pulls their contact lens out.......covered in purple paint.

+turned down any opportunity to buy a hat.
I'm a sucker for hats.........they get me each and everytime. I buy them, wear them and my hat collection never stops growing. 

+made a cheesecake worth eating. 
this is particularly unusual news given the fact that my favorite dessert of all time happens to be cheesecake. For whatever reason, something in my DNA finds cheesecake making impossible. I take some comfort in this personal flaw by remembering that my cheesecake eating skills are beyond compare.

+won a game of monopoly
never even come close, if we're being honest. bucket list item!

(yes those are russell stovers chocolates on the board. trust me they made monopoly twice as fun!)

+watched an episode of Duck Dynasty
I can hear you now "turn in your keys and go"........but no. I'm a Duck Dynasty virgin with absolutely no intention of giving it up. Like, ever.

+gotten tired of photographing my nephews and nieces
Seriously, I'm not sure it's even possible! I'm indebted to my sisters for producing such modelish babies to snap hundreds of photos of. gosh, their faces. 
(speaking of which, um girls..........we're ready for another baby!!) 

+not been in the mood to run
six hours post marathon, I wanted to go for a run. Probably has more to do with my lack of a social life than any particular amazing ability, but I have yet to find anything as soothing and refreshing for my soul as running. 

+gotten a pedicure
combine my intense hatred of spending money with my ugly runner's feet and you have your explanation. 

Tell me-- what have you never, ever done?!?! 


  1. Okay, here's another question: have you ever FINISHED a game of monopoly? I remember my siblings and I setting up that game on the kitchen table for days and days. Good times. I have watched Duck Dynasty but only under protest. I think it's dumb, but when you're over at your in-laws and everyone is in the living room watching it... Also, I love that running picture. Like, for real. Who took that? It looks like you're flying!

  2. I so envy your running motivation...and your chocolate Momopoly genius! I wish I had thought of that! Sounds awesome. And delicious.

  3. haha I used to love this game!! Never have I ever... gotten my eyebrows waxed. I've had them threaded a million times and usually just tweeze them myself. I really need to bite the bullet and do it but I'm nervous! P.s. I am soooo ticklish and used to hate pedicures but now they're my favorite way to relax. Do it! You deserve it after long-runs for sure!! :)