Friday, October 11, 2013

Five Things Friday.

1. October is hands-down my absolutely favorite month!! One of the favorite things about where I live is the beautiful seasons we enjoy. The weather has been so perfect-- warm afternoons sandwiched between crisp, chilly evenings! Absolutely love it. I will never understand how people survive living in areas of the country that don't have fall weather. The only possible perk I can see would be that you avoid the social norm of ugg boots, but I've been told that people in warm-climate states wear them too, so really; there is no perk. 
(That last sentence was not only ran on forever, but I also contradicted myself and proved my point wrong, essentially erasing any value that it had. Dude, have I got writing skills worth having!!)

2. This video broke my heart. WOW! I way feeling a little bit sorry for myself (read; having a major pity party) and I stumbled upon this. Attitude check!! These kids are heroes! Grab some tissues because you are going to need them! 

3. My sister and I had a debate over breakfast this week that we need help solving. Is it or is it not normal to order oatmeal at a restaurant? Her claim was that oatmeal is something anyone can make at home, so it shouldn't even be offered at restaurants. Say what?!?! Please cast your vote so we can clear up our debate!! 

4. I bought tickets this week for a trip out to see one of my best friends in Oregon! The trip is already shaping up to be amazing- I fly out there and then we'll be road-tripping back. I cannot wait!! The only thing that would make this trip better would be if I can find a race to run while I'm out there. (Oh, and free tickets would have been nice too.) Excuse me while I go stalk runningintheusa dot com. 

5. I want to give a shout out to my friend Katie who is running the Chicago Marathon this weekend! Katie is an amazing runner- this is her 2nd marathon and she's run multiple 1/2s. I so wish I was in the windy city to drag my carcass run alongside her! Please hop over to her blog and leave her some love and running well-wishes! 

What's your favorite thing about where you live?

Have you ever run the Chicago Marathon?


  1. Thank you, sweet girl!! I sure wish you were here too! Although I would be eating your dust! ;)
    I can't wait to run with you!!

  2. i'm with Tabitha...since eating out is a treat for me, it should not be offered. it's like ordering cheerios. with or without cottage cheese, that's how it is :).

    the favorite thing about where I live is that my neighbor can gut fish in my front yard and no one calls the covenants police.

    I have never. and since I ended up on the floor and in a knee brace this week, I suspect I never will.

  3. I ordered the most amazing bowl of oats about a month ago at a diner. Simply because it was all I could really order, but it was so good!! I feel like you can make ANYTHING that you order at restaurants, some are just easier than others!

  4. I think restaurant oatmeal is totally okay as long as they jazz it up a bit. I love when they add different nuts or seeds to it that I wouldn't normally add in myself at home!

  5. AHH take me with you to Oregon! I am from Seattle and used to road trip to Oregon all the time with my mom back in the day. You MUST visit Seaside and run on the beach! Gah, I wish AZ was half as beautiful as OR. I hope you have a blast girl! :) Be safe!