Monday, September 23, 2013

The adult version of monsters under your bed.

In case you hadn't noticed- it's Monday ya'll
When you were a kid, you worried about monsters under your bed. 
As an adult, you worry that tomorrow is Monday. 
Heartbreaking Quotes, Heartbroken Quotes, Sad Love Quotes found on Polyvore                                                                                                  ...I never saw it coming.

No, I'm not from Texas but I thought that opener needed a little more ooompha to it, and 'ya'll' seemed to do the trick. No, I actually was just perusing the food blog of a southern cook and the grits, pork chops, creamed spinach and sweet tea recipes reached off the screen wrapped around my vocal chords and then 'ya'll' just popped right out. No, I probably won't start every sentence in this post with the word 'no'.
 No promises, however.

No promises; but a confession. 

I freaking love Mondays. 
Mondays are my faaaavorite. Like,  for realzies. I'd list the reasons for my enduring love for Mondays, but I realize you all do have lives to live and Monday to go hate; so I'll summarize. 
Roll your eyes, roll 'em. 
It's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

Maybe it's genetic, and can't help that I have all this Monday-love; but I have a sincere soft spot in my heart for the Monday haters. Ya'll are missing out. 
Thanks to my night-shifts-- my Monday is lived and loved before yours even begins. While you are searching for your keys, setting a world record for pancake consumption or commuting to work; I'll be tucking my curly mop into bed. But before I am lost to the world; Monday left a message for me to pass on to you.
Tips to make your Monday a little less Monday.

For the fitness addict: Try a new workout class. Smash your current PR in the weight room, at the track or on the yoga mat. 

For the Paleo diet eater: It's cheat day!! Don't save your cheat meal for the weekend, save it for Monday. Talk about turning Monday into your favorite day of the week!!

For the unhappy at work: Remember when you were a kid and your imagination turned anything and everything into whatever you wanted it to be? Get back in touch with that skill, pronto.

For the music junkie: Download a new song or album or try a new station on the radio. Chances are the office is tired of you whistling the same song everyday in the elevator, so spice it up a little, yeah?

For the person with no taste buds: Go ahead, get your pumpkin spice latte. I'll look the other way and we can still be friends.

For the animal lover: It's called puppies typed into google. You're welcome. 
child at heart! :)
For the child at heart: No, you can't wear stripes and polka dots to work (oh wait, that's actually coming back in, so disregard), but nothing is stopping you from a lollipop, catching some cartoons on your phone or throwing a knock-knock joke out to your coworkers. 

For the fashion lover: Give yourself a 20 minute allowance of window shopping on blogs, pinterest or wherever your fashionista genius is sparked. (You can look, but you cannot buy.) 

For the clutz: your weekend mishaps make the best tall-tales at work. Unless of course, they involve your tail...........I'd keep that one under wraps (har, har, har.)

For the foodie: Loose your elbows in a bowl of bread dough. Or banana cream pie. Or, spinach. Create, taste, enjoy and share with me!!! 

I chose this pin to describe myself because chocolate is one of my greatest loves in life, and, like the quote on the picture, I'm an optimistic person and always look for ways to make gloomy days brighter.

For the Stay-at-Home Mom: No real life experience to offer you on this one, but I've heard that studies show chocolate in moderate doses (yes, this translates into as many pieces as the number of kids you have) are pretty much a win-win. Correct me if I'm wrong.

For the blogger: pretend html and self-hosting don't exist. They are big scary monsters, so avoid them on Mondays, they'll be there the other 6 days of the week.

For the Person with a Heartbeat: Smile. Your attitude is everything; it's hard to start your car if you don't put the key in the ignition. 

Happy Monday!! 
The Curly Pink Runner


  1. Loving this post lady! I too had a sunday night shift, so I am also loving my Monday's lately, it is the greatest day of the week to me. But as a one-time Monday hater, I will say, I wish I had your tips years ago! xo

  2. Nice tips! As a Texan, I feel obligated to tell you that it's spelled "y'all" :) but I forgive you.

  3. this is an awesome post! loving loving!

  4. What a great idea for a post :) Love it. My dad always says he's "starting over" on Tuesday. When I ask him why he says it's because everyone else starts on Monday. <-- see where I get it from?

  5. Your bubbly attitude is so contagious, I just love it!! I have no hard feelings towards Monday at all!! I've always worked jobs that didn't really have a Monday, so it's just another day to me! HA!

  6. Im a Monday girl too. I love fresh starts!