Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Goals Recap and June Goals!

May Goals:

1. Turn of electronics at 10pm. Um, well......kinda check?? This one is a toss up. While there were several occasions where I consciously shut off electronics at 10pm, there were also several days I found myself still working/studying/blogging a late or sometimes 'early' hour. I'd like to continue to focus on curtailing my electronics use at night, but I'm happy with the progress I made.

2. Let Freakin' Go. When I set my May goals, I laughed at this one and told myself 'good luck'. I'm actually very, very happy with the improvement I saw this past month. There were several specific situations that I really was able to just chill out about instead of trying to control and manipulate. This will always be an area of struggle for me, but I'm grateful to reflect and know that I was able to do my part and place the rest in God's so very capable hands and just trust Him to be faithful. I'd also have to admit that I had some of my most embarrassing moments EVER last month, but that's a total coincidence, right??

3. RUN FREE. This was the hardest goal for the month of May!! With the exception of my race on May 11th, I ran a total of  43 miles without timing them. It was so interesting to see how differently I pushed myself when I knew I would have no numbers to mull over at the end of the run. I LOVE to run, and this month of running free was a great reminder of that. It's not about the numbers. It's not about the negative splits. It's about running because of what it means to me. Love it! (A HUGE thanks to Cori for sponsoring the challenge- great idea!) 

4. Cut out distractions during meal. Check! Breakfast with the only meal that I really struggled with. I typically eat breakfast during my morning drive to work- not an easy habit to break! I did do a good job of eating supper without opening up my laptop or ISSA textbook. Since I eat a lot of my meals alone, it just makes sense for me to multi-task, but I know ultimately it's so much healthier for me and it enables me to listen to my body much better in regards to the food I'm eating.

June Goals. 
1. Make a meal plan for suppers each week. (captain of the 6pm-and-standing-at-the-refrigerator- door-thinking-to-myself- "eat all the food" team right here!) 
2. Run my first Relay. (and look cute doing it.)
3. Blog 3x a  week. (ya'lls are gonna get so sick of my humor sarcasm.)
4. Perform 5 consecutive handstand push ups (I can currently do 1.)

Are you setting goals for the month of June? Link up in the comments!! 


  1. I can't believe you ran free for so long. I've been thinking about doing that too, but I'm so addicted to my Garmin!
    Sounds like you got some good goals, girl! I for one wouldn't get tired of you if you blogged every day! And can I just say I'm so glad you added the follow by email box, now I'll never miss another of your posts!!

  2. These are GREAT goals!!
    You have encouraged me to make some also!
    And girl i know you can get the HSPU!! Once you get the movement down for one.. you can keep going! I think you will be surprised at how fast your will reach this goal!

    My favorite-- break the "I didn't plan my dinner so I will eat a little of EVERYTHING as if it is going to disappear!"

    1. Thanks for the encouragement on the HSPU! I'm excited to push myself in this area!! :)

  3. Great goals, good luck!! I need to get on to setting some of my own for this much and this post has inspired me so thanks :)

  4. These goals are great, they are different than the typical "blogger" goals which I love! Glad your free running went well, and I really need to stop eating with distractions around haha. My main goal for last month AND this month is similar to your goal to let's been hard to sit back and let God work in my life, but I know it's what I need and I am hopeful things will play out the way they are meant to!

  5. I need to join you on this 10pm electronics turn-off. I just always feel like I run out of time in the day! Great job on your goals, and I'm looking forward to hearing how you go with your new ones. One of my goals is to start meal-planning too! And I hope you blog 3-times a week, I look forward to reading :)