Monday, June 3, 2013

Five Steps to a Fabulous Monday.

Happy Monday! 
Monday is by far my favorite day of the week, (however, I gotta say that Saturday has become a close runner-up ever since it became my official long-training-run day). I love the feeling of starting with a clean slate, leaving the problems/stress/chaos of the previous week in the past. I try not to be that annoying person in the office who is all up in your face with my Monday-love, but it's sorta, kinda, totally hard to hide. 
Five ways to make your Monday a little piece of heaven on earth.
Five ways to make your Monday a little less hateful.

1. Be Positive.

2. Brew some coffee. DRINK. 

3. Find something to laugh about.

4. Go for a run. 

5. Set a goal.

Everyday is a gift, don't waste a single one-- not even a Monday!! 

What positive thought did you choose this morning? 

How do you take your coffee?


  1. LOVE that running quote!!

    And there is definitely no better feeling than crossing things off a list!!

    I drink my coffee straight Black!!! I never put anything in it... i love coffee too much to spoil it with anything!!

    Today I am positive about my first meeting with my nutritionist!!!

  2. Whoa I LOVE that running quote!! It describes my runs perfectly! BAM! I also drink my coffee black. The darker and stronger the better..just like my men. BAHA. YAY for being positive, today I will have a GREAT day at work and not stress about being the new girl!

  3. I like to write stuff like "wake up" and "get out of bed" to my to-do. I can get SO many things done before breakfast that way :)

  4. What a great reminder that every day truly is a gift! Thanks for sharing

  5. Great list! I'm not a coffee drinker (unless it's Starbucks frapps with tons of unecessary sugar and that's not great for me) but sometimes I wish I were cuz I'm all zzzzz. :) Great running quote btw.

  6. Love this, I think you should do this every Monday, it was very inspiring to read : )
    I try to start each Monday thinking "each day is a gift, so enjoy it!

    I take my coffee with skim milk and one truvia or splenda (i'm really trying to cut out the truvia, but I've backed down from 3 to 1 so I'm making progress!)