Friday, January 18, 2013

Town Miles

I finally had a good run this week! Still at a silly slow turtle pace, but it was a definite improvement on my record for the month! I hit up 4 relatively easy miles after work before it got dark. It was warm out but as the sun started to go down it got chilly pretty fast!!
I ran in town since I was short on daylight and needed to take advantage of it immediately. I love running in town because there is so much more to look at. I counted 7 people running on treadmills in their houses. That comment makes me sound like a stalker, but I promise I'm just observant!

I was just under 40 minutes for 4 miles, and I definitely want to start increasing my speed and seeing some smaller numbers for my miles. I know this means speed work, and I hate speed work.
Speed work lovers, what is your secret?!?
After work I also ran to the grocery store to restock my fridge. I scored big time with some great sales on produce. They usually have a cart full of discounted produce because it's discolored, slightly bruised, or the packaging is damaged. This girl has no shame in emptying the entire 'sale cart' into my cart!! I will buy pretty much any fruit, except strawberries and plums.
I love grocery shopping, it always put me in a great mood!
 Today was a rest day, and sometime this weekend I'm scheduled to get in a long run. It's shaping up to be a long, crazy weekend, so we'll see if I make it outside before dark, or if I have to suffer the misery of the treadmill!
Who has a long run this weekend? Outside or the treadmill?

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  1. I can't cook and I am pretty clueless but I LOVE roaming up and down the isles of the grocery store..haha!

    Great run, nice to hear :D I love that you counted the 7 people!