Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some spice to my life.

This morning I put chili powder in my oatmeal thinking it was cinnamon. Example #193 why I should never attempt anything in the morning prior to coffee consumption!! :) Unfortunately I was eating in the car on the way to work, so I didn't even have the option of starting over and making a new bowl.......so I just sucked it up and ate it. And for the record, yes, chili powder and frozen blackberries are not a winning combo.
What is the oddest combination of flavors that you have ever tried?

I had planned a long run for Saturday afternoon and post-poned it until Sunday since I ended up going to the football game. I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go, just as far as I felt good, I'd keep running. I ended up running from my house to my parent's house, which is right around 12 miles. I felt good for the first 8 miles and had to really fight to make it to mile 10. Once I hit the double digits I walked the last two miles for a cool down.

Good old Kansas hills!  

GU chomps- I tried the watermelon flavor. Not half bad!!

Beautiful sunset! Can you imagine any better view?!!?!

This was my longest run since my 1/2 and I really felt great. I have missed my long training runs.....gonna work them into the regular schedule even if I'm not training for a specific race!

I was at work the other day when I looked out the window and saw this adorable couple running together. They looked like they were in their upper 40s, lower 50s and it just made me all happy to see them together. I really hope someday that my spouse will run with me. Hopefully he's slow like me. :)
 Does your bf/significant other run with you? Do you talk during your runs or do you zone in and just get the run done?


  1. You have a house?!
    - Kourtney

  2. sheeesh girl! 12 miler, just like that. Amazing!

  3. Great job on 12 miles! You're awesome! My Husband doesn't run with me. I wish he did. :(
    I can't imagine oatmeal with chili powder! And I can't believe you still ate it! Lol!