Friday, December 7, 2012

FFFFFriday! This week my work schedule was nuts!! I always tell people that my schedule is varied and never the same two weeks in a row; this week is a great example of that!!
Monday- 3pm-11pm.
Tuesday- 8am-4pm.
Wednesday- 11pm-7am.
Thursday- 1pm- 6pm.
Friday- 7am-7pm.
Never a dull moment in my life!

I have been in the most random mood this week! I may or may not have talked for 20 minutes with a friend about the color of his kitchen appliances. Let's just say; he was not bored during that conversation.

My sister and I may be best friends, but we do NOT see eye to eye on some very important issues.
1. She thinks that blueberries and dill pickles TOGETHER make an acceptable snack. I beg to differ.
2. I never have more than one browser window open. I use one window with 3-6 tabs. She has never used the tab button in her life and usually has a minimum of 6-8 windows open simultaneously. I maintain the opinion that tabs process faster than windows, but she does not agree with me.
3. She thinks Matthew McConaughey is attractive and I'd rather look at a picture of a buffalo drowning.
4. We both like our coffee super black, no cream and sugar for us. At least we agree on the deal breakers in life.

I love cooking for these boys..........cinnamon rolls brought out the the field. They are such hard working men and I am so proud of them! Becoming an adult is not easy, but they amaze me! I am so blessed to have such awesome brothers!!

This weekend I hope to get in another long run if the weather holds up. It's supposed to get rainy/icy/slick-as-snot/really good Christmas baking weather, so we'll see if I make it out for a long run.  

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  1. When I drink coffee, it's completely black too!
    Also, I alwaaaays have so many tabs open on ONE browser too:D

    Re: I LOL'D thinking, she really did count the 8 times she straightened her hair! I love it girl!