Saturday, November 3, 2012

Double Digit Runner.

I'm officially a double digit runner!! Today was another distance PR, and my last long training run before my 1/2!! It was a perfect day for a run- a bit windy, but really lovely!

Last week's long run was perfect- I could have run twice the distance or more. It was one of those effortless runs that just clicked. I had mentally prepared for several days because I knew 9 miles was a long way for me- and I wanted it!
Today's run was tough. The word grueling kept surfacing mentally, so I had to make myself think positive thoughts. My legs felt really dead for the first 2 miles. I felt like I could have run faster on my hands and knees. I stayed focused and kept telling myself I COULD. I really didn't prepare myself mentally for a 10 miler today.......I knew it was coming up, but I didn't focus on it. I didn't really even think about it during my runs throughout the week. Something NOT to repeat in the future!

Mile 3 brought on the side stitches, which I NEVER get. I very rarely ever cramp up during a run, and today was a certain exception. I kept telling myself they would go away........and shortly after Mile 5, they did. I'm still feeling a bit beastly for pushing through serious side stitches for almost 2 whole miles without giving up. Whew. SO glad that's over.

Tabs & I have vastly different internal thermometers!! I was wearing a tank and short-sleeved shirt and leggings, she was wear a tank, long sleeved shirt AND a thick sweater. I kept expecting her to chuck the sweater to pick up later, but she wore it the entire way!! Crazy girl!!  

Somewhere between the shopping bag on Monday and the 15 different places I was this week, I misplaced my shotbloks that I had planned to fuel this run with. I do have a mocha Energy Gel that I picked up last week, but this morning my stomach wasn't feeling great, so I decided not to try it on today's run. Instead I subbed in some candy corn- not the best choice either. I think I may have successfully ended my addiction to candy corn. :)

Post run smiles!!

We did it!! We made it!

Pretty much a perfect Saturday after our nap was cut short by several of my siblings jumping up on the bed with me! A massive tickle fest much fun with my family! 
Supper- charcoal-grilled steaks, scrambled eggs and pancake battered apples. SO tasty!!
This perfect Saturday is winding down to a very lovely end-- listening to a very exciting game as my beloved K-State Wildcats run away towards a win against Oklahoma State.

Only 7 days until my 1/2- this girl is PSYCHED!!

What's your best advice for a first time 1/2'er??


  1. Keep an eye out on my blog. You have an award coming your way tomorrow! :)

  2. It takes A LOT of mental toughness to pull out a long run like that. Great going! And, I'm glad you kept going and got through the side stitches, I haven't had them in a while, but it can seriously get painful!

    Love the pictures of you girls finishing!

    hmmm.. I can't remember if you have a time goal for your first 1/2, but my thoughts would be to genuinely go out there and take in the WHOLE experience and have fun. Listen to the crowd, the runners..and my favourite part was definitely the spectators, thank them for coming out, thank the volunteers as you pass. It's going to be such a fun day, and a big accomplishment so just enjoy it! :D

  3. Way to stay tough!
    I love the photos- big smiles there :)

    Advice for a first half? Hmm.. you can do more than you think you can! Go a little faster than your easy long run pace, and if you feel great after 6 miles, GO for it. And, if you have to walk, it's OK...just start up again running as soon as you can.
    Also, bring your own toilet paper. Always a good idea in a long race :)

  4. Elizabeth, you are AMAZING!! I can't imagine walking that far, let alone running :) I LOVE all the pictures - it makes me miss you and the family so much though :'( Hope to see you SOON!

  5. You are awesome!! You are going to do SO good on your 1/2! I can't wait!
    The picture of that road you ran on is stunning. Wow, so beautiful.
    Anyway! Advice for your 1/2... I know you're a Christian too, I always pray before I get started. First thing! I have a tattoo on my ankle that in Hebrew, says Yahweh my strength. I repeat that a lot as I'm running my 1/2, especially towards the end!
    Remember to not start out to fast, even if you feel like you can, you need to space out your energy!
    And just have fun! You've trained hard, you're ready for this- so enjoy it. You only run your first 1/2 marathon once, so soak it all in, it's an unforgettable experience!