Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An evening in the deer blind.

I am SO excited- deer season is RIGHT around the corner!! YAY! As we get close to the season, I try to spend a few nights out in the field just observing the wildlife activity. It's honestly so relaxing and peaceful, I do this year round and would do it even if I wasn't a hunter. If you haven't ever just sat in the beautiful outdoors, sunshine streaming across your face, birds flitting around you, breezes rustling the tall grasses and bright fall leaves.....you are missing out!!
The trick is to get in and be as absolutely quiet and still as humanly possible. I love seeing how close the animals will get to me before discovering me. Today I had a squirrel jump on top of the blind and stick his head in the window. After he saw me he jumped back over to the tree and scolded me for several minutes. It was terribly entertaining.

 I had the evening free to get out and spend some time in the field where I plan to do some hunting in about 4 weeks. I am my own trail camera. :)

My 16 year old brother bought me this camo/pink shirt for Christmas  last year and it's super warm and comfy to layer under my heavy hunting clothes. It was still warm enough that I didn't need anything heavier that night. 

How many deer can you find in this picture???

I saw this on fb the other day and it is SOO true! I literally died laughing!

I do want to say that I want to be sensitive to my non-hunting friends/readers. I realize that not everyone believes that hunting is okay, let alone morally right. I was brought up in a community where ripped jeans are from climbing over barbed-wire fences, everyone has deer antler decals on their trucks, every eating establishment puts "hunters welcome" on their ads in the paper and you learn to shoot while the shotgun is still taller than you are. But, I was also raised by a mother who grew up on Long Island and the ONLY reason you had a gun was to KILL someone or if you were a policeman.
I realize that it may be offensive to many people that I kill animals. I am not a 'sport' or 'trophy' hunter. I refuse to take any shot that I don't think will KILL the deer immediately. I hope my lifestyle is not offensive to you. Please don't hate me.


  1. You are so pretty!

    I'm in search for a cute/stylish and warm hat..and the one you're wearing is EVERYTHING!

  2. That top is cute!
    We believe in eating what you shoot- unless it's something predatory like a coyote or cougar. It keeps our freezer full.