Thursday, October 18, 2012

Totally Talkable Thursday.

1. I think it's the week of spiders. Monica had a spider incident that freaked me out but it was nothing compared to what happened when I saw this bad boy. 

2. Walking through the parking lot today I was minding my own business until this guy threw open his truck door right in my face. I ran into him, he ran into his door, we both awkwardly stumbled to catch our balance, the eggs in my grocery sack broke and the brunette in her car watching the whole thing almost swallowed her cigarette laughing. Good times. Why am I such a clutz?
3. So far my pinterest boards have 289 recipes (involving either chocolate or pumpkin) and 213 outfits and 4 workouts. Oops.
4. Did you read about the guy who ran a marathon in flip flops? Yes, he did. Did I mention he ran the whole thing in 2:46? What a beast. My feet hurt just THINKING about it!! Read about it here.

1 comment:

  1. ouch at number 2!

    And yes, I read about the marathon guy..pretty INCREDIBLE. I just can't even imagine it!! And, the TIME. crazy.