Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Week I Hated Running.

Monday- 4 mile run- GPS quit after 3/4's of a mile. Tripped on a curb.
Wednesday - 4 mile run - GPS quit after 2.25 miles. Saw three snakes. Severe abdominal cramping.

Somedays are just looong. I worked day shift on Saturday, which meant my long run for the week - 8 miles - needed to happen mid-afternoon. I planned to be all springy and ready for action after my shift. Ha.
More like tired enough to kill a baby turtle, nauseous AND well on the way to loosing my voice. (I swear I didn't yell at any of my co-workers.)
On my way home I made the decision to post-pone my run until tomorrow and take a nap instead. I deserve a nap. It's been a sucky day and I just wanna be done with it. Haha.
I'm the most indecisive person on the face of the earth because I hadn't been home 3 minutes before I changed my shoes and went looking for my earbuds.


It was definitely a beautiful day for a run, but the weather was weird. It was 74 degrees and we had a very high chance for severe storms/tornadoes. It was extremely humid, which is not at all typical weather for October in Kansas.

For my city-dwelling friends, this is an underwater crossing. It functions as a road 2 months out of the year and is impassible during the rest of the year due to rain or snow.  

This is afore-mentioned under-water crossing after I ran through it.  

These are my shoes, which stayed muddy and collected rocks like a magnet for the next 6 miles. 

This is my poor-runner's attempt of keeping my phone dry. With the rain on the horizon, I didn't want to ruin my phone so I brought a zip-lock baggy to put it in should the rain catch me. I'm pretty sure if I bedazzled and personalized these, I would have lines on every street corner trying to buy one. Or maybe just waiting to take a picture of me running in the rain with an ziplock baggy shedding sparkles on my route.

 Told ya it was humid- I've got a halo!!

It was not the best run ever. I was tired, ran slow and my GPS flaked out 3 times until I finally just shut it off. I have no idea what pace I was keeping (or not keeping), exact mileage or my splits.

I've only been running for about 10 months, and it's hard. I'm not a natural born runner. It takes every ounce and inch of my strength and courage to even try, let alone do. It's been an uphill climb to get to where I am today- running distances I never thought I would even walk- and I'm not done yet. There's more where this came from, let me tell you!
I didn't love running this week. It's always tough, but this week had an ungodly amount of blood, sweat and tears. I wasn't out there running because it was an amazing high, because I finished each run on a low. I finished, but it wasn't happy.
I was out there running because I'm committed to me. I'm committed to my family. I'm committed to pushing myself to be the very best that I can be. I'm committed to embracing the tough things in life.

Why did you run this week?


  1. Snakes? Yikes!
    And honestly, I commend you for keeping up with it even when the gps died, I would have struggled sooo much.

    Your commitment to running - even when it's so hard and crappy - is more than half the battle. You'll find your groove again soon!
    And besides, you still look super cute doing - that's always a win right!! :D

  2. Oh you crack me up! Maybe that extra hour got ya in a non running mood? Thanks for working :) Hope you got your shoes cleaned off!!!

  3. I'm so glad you are committed to running even though you aren't a natural at it. I have worked hard for 2 years and I've finally felt like I'm at peace with running. It is hard if you aren't naturally good at it, but it can be oh so rewarding! Keep with it and I know you will be great!!

  4. Love the photos! It actually looks a lot like here- except that I am thousands of miles away, and we don't have the low water passage- just lots of mud and a few more mountains. Your poor shoes! lol

    Good for you for sticking with it. It's hardest for me to run in the much easier to go in the morning, but if I make it out the door I am always glad I went.

    also- You could make millions off that sparkly phone bag idea :)

  5. great job at keeping going with the running, it really is a slog sometimes isn't it! I don't know what it is but some runs are just so darn difficult.
    I love that you changed your mind so many times about running after work - I do that a lot. One second I'm about to crawl into bed, the next I'm itching to get out there. weird.