Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The post where I talk about my clothes.

Workout- 8 miles bicycle ride. 20 minute weight session- biceps & back.

When I got home from work this morning, I was met with this lovely sight;

My sister and I have vowed to never get rid of clothes without first alerting the other so we can swoop in like a vulture on the cast offs. Actually, I just don't like hauling all the clothes out to the car, and the rule is whoever touches them last gets rid of them. If I haul all my stuff across the hall for her to sort through, then she gets stuck with the major hauling act. I've thought this through.  

Since I already had her enormous piles to sort through, I decided to go ahead and switch out my summer and winter clothes. Yay for sweaters.  

Fun fact- my bedroom is about the size of a crayola box and doesn't have a closet. I have a huge old wardrobe to store all my clothes in it. I can never be one of those girls who has too many clothes, because if I would have to start sleeping on my front porch to make room for them all. The wardrobe is a family treasure-- it stood in my grandma's house since before I was born.

I'm beginning to think that I should have named this blog Loving, Laughing and Living in Pink. I wear a lot of pink. I once read this fashion article by a very intelligent fashionista and she said to stop trying to fit every trend and wear what looks good on you. If hats are in, but you look like duckling peaking out from under a dumpster in hats-- it won't matter if they are chic or not- you are going to look stupid. If yellow is the rage, but you look like you are lying in your coffin in it, don't freakin' wear it.
I took note and immediately stopped wearing anything that was not my favorite color- namely- pink, purple and pink's cousins mauve and rose. Maybe I've taken it to a little bit extreme??

(I promise my bed has sheets, I was doing laundry.)
Socks. I don't mind doing laundry, but I am pretty hard core anti-sock sorting. It stresses me out- why do I always have random leftover socks??

Do you like sorting socks?
Yes. And I also like bee stings and tripping on sidewalk cracks.

What do you do with the homeless strays??
I throw them back in the dirty laundry basket. Maybe they'll find their match in the next laundry cycle??

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  1. I work for a family (nannying) who have a laundry basket full of odd socks. It drives me crazy that I can't find their match anywhere after working for them a whole year!!!