Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1/2 way to the 1/2.

When I began training for the 1/2, I received the same snippet advice from several veteran 1/2ers.
Namely-- don't marry your training schedule.
I heard other things too-- buy running socks, don't drink or eat anything that is derived from a prune for 48 hours prior to the race, put your headshot and phone number on business cards to hand out to cute guys at the finish, etc.....but that one snippet kept resurfacing.
On Sunday I realized that the first 6 weeks of training are in the books!! I'm 1/2 way there! In reviewing the past few weeks, I made a couple of observations.

1. Cross training makes a world of difference. This summer I was so in love with running I would run 6 days a week and maybe throw in some other random workout. This fall I have kept myself to no more than 4 runs per week, and 3 days of cross training. It's amazing the difference it has made in my endurance and pace. I'm sure you've heard it before, but it bears saying again; cross training is a runner's best friend!!

2. I've done a good job of not letting the schedule own me, but it's time to put a ring on the finger of my long runs. I do a good job running and crossing until Saturday, and my long run gets slashed in favor of a different work out or a shorter run before a craaaazy day. I've unintentionally loaded my runs a mile or two longer during the beginning of the week, so my weekly mileage is right, but I'm not getting those long runs in like I need to.

3. It's getting colder. I had a couple 35 degree runs last week. If November is colder than usual this year, it's gonna suck!

Yesterday I decided to get in a longer run with the Tabs. Deciding where to run can be a time consuming decisions. There are so many factors to consider; road surface, number of hills, level or traffic, wind direction, shade, visual appeal etc.... My sister said something in the neighborhood of "someone is over-thinking this" but I obviously ignored her.
I picked a new route that was almost exclusively paved. It was beautiful! It was mostly flat with a few little hills and 3 killller hills. I love me some hills! :) I love running new routes!!

We ran out 4 miles, ran back 3 and then walked the last one to cool down. On the way out we were running into a nasty headwind (15mph, gusting to 25mph) so the turn around was a welcome rest!! We ran at a 10:13 pace, and stayed pretty steady the entire run. 10min/mile is my intended race pace, so I was pretty happy with it. Tab's can run circles around me, so she kept it in low gear to stay with me. :) 

We picked up this chocolate lab for about 1/4 mile. I was mostly worried that he was going to take an ungodly chunk out of my leg, but he was actually sweet and well mannered!
My next long run is another 7 miler on Sunday. I'm already looking forward to it!! :)

Do you always run the same route, or do you switch it up?


  1. I always switch it up but I usually don't put too much thought into my routes. I just take my phone with me and use map my run so I know how far I've gone!

  2. At the moment I run the same route every time but once I start going for longer I really wanna switch it up! I love exploring while running :)