Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rainy Mornings and Sunset Runs.

Anyday that you wake up to thunder and lightening is a good day. When it stays chilly and damp and you get to wear boots and a scarf and a cream-colored sweater, take a pictures. And when the sun springs out from behind the clouds for a brilliant sunset run, you can pretty much die happy.

I believe that rain is a reminder to eat oatmeal, so at the first sign of showers I make myself a bowl. In this bowl- oats, chia seeds, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, cooked apples & pecans. Out of this world delicious.

Today I asked my Mom if I could kidnap the three youngest kids for a day out together. They are growing up so fast and it's extremely important to me to spend quality time with them. It happened to be the perfect day because Charity had an orthodontist appointment to get her braces, so if I was in town with them it would save my Mom a trip.
Silas (7) was so excited he got up an hour early and did most of his school before breakfast. By the time we left mid-morning he just had one subject left. Cutie.

While we were in the waiting room, Silas was playing with his cars he brought from home, and the collectin of cars they had there. I was concerned that he would get them mixed up, so we took a picture of his set of cars and their set of cars.
After I snapped this picture Silas said "waaaait, I want to cover up her whole face." Sorry Snooks, but that makes two of us.
We spent the majority of the morning doing school inside the coffeshop, but they got finished with their morning work in time to go the Library.

The Library was deserted, since we were there during school hours. When we left Silas said "It's a good thing we came in this morning because other wise those perfectly good books would have been so lonely on the shelves by themselves."

My beautiful sisters.

We had Subway for lunch and I had my first experience with their new 'chopped salads' concept. I always tell them not to cut up anything when I get salads there, but I actually liked this because it was thoroughly mized. Phoebe (11) said "I hope that tastes good because from the looks of it, you couldn't pay me to eat it." The littles split a meatball marinara and between the giggles and chuckles I ended up getting to wear some of it and it's my official fragrance for the day.

 After lunch we got to pick-up my Mom's order from the local Food Coop. The good news is that she got maxi chocolate chips, which always makes your effort worth the while. Just as long as she doesn't weigh 'em, we're all good. The secret is safe with me until she sees the melted chocolate on Silas' shirt. :)

Fall + running = bliss.

Tabs & I got in a 3 mile run before dark. We got started a little later than we like so we hustled so we could get back off the road before dark. Safety first!
3 miles @ 9:47.

Tabs was given all the height genes in the family, so she has to get down on her knees to get her head in the same frame as mine. She's cool about it though and only calls me a midget behind myback.

Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate?


  1. ELIZABETH!!!!!! :( I hope it works out to see you in November! I'm dying to come visit the whole fam but Steve's work makes that hard to do :( Hopefully sometime it'll work out!

    Love you bunches!!

  2. Your brother and sisters are so cute. And I love your boots! Super cute!
    That Subway salad look deelish, I need to get one.
    And I LOVE these fall runs. They are just awesome!
    Oh, and definitely milk chocolate...

  3. dark chocolate! love itttt
    your breakfast looks yummy by the way! I need to keep being more inventive with mine! As soon as I find something I like I tend to overdo it and eat it until I'm totally sick of it haha :)