Thursday, October 4, 2012


1. Our small town Library is the cream of the crop. We seriously have the best Library and staff ever. I practically lived in the Library as a child, but I haven't checked out a book since I graduated from High School. Major problemo.

2. Kansas sunsets are the best. Kansas sunsets from the wheels of my bike are the best of the best.

3. When I was little I would ask my Dad what his favorite color was and he would always say black. This appalled me. I couldn't understand why with SO many pretty colors in the world, he liked black the best. I asked him everyday hoping he would change his mind and actually like something pretty. :)

4.  Every blogger I know is eating apple butter this week. I can't get any locally, so I have been eating baked apples like nobody's business. It's not helping. I still want apple butter.

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  1. Sunsets by bike *are* the best and you captured a gorgeous one!