Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cookie Maiden.

Yesterday was my day off and I took full advantage of it. I thrive on an active schedule, so I pack my days as full as I can. Some people love to save projects for the weekend, but I bookend my work days with projects.....workout in the morning before leaving and come home to do laundry, make meals to freeze, yard work, etc... Because my work schedule is wildly unpredictable,  I can't afford to put things off for the weekend. If I'm gonna get stuff done, I have to make time for it mid week because I usually work on the weekends which makes them crazy.
By keeping my days full, my days off are like mini vacations. I don't have stacks of work and catch-up to do because I'm already mostly on top of it. I can have a day off and really just relax, make plans with a friend, get in an extra long run, or even be available for last-minute shifts at work.

My brother texted me mid-morning and told me he was working about 4 miles from the house, so I offered to hook him up with lunch, but I also had time to make a batch of cookies to deliver to the jobsite.

My rock-star brother Noah created this recipe when he was about 14 years old. He's now the top-of-his-class at Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts. If I were you I would use this recipe now before he's famous and can't divulge his secrets. 
(Which is actually happening already, so hurry before I have to take it down for copyright violation.)

Cookie making isn't exactly my forte, but this recipe is pretty much fool-proof.
And even if you DO mess it up, I'm pretty sure your recipients of cookies, botched or not, are going to love you forever.
This recipe makes a big batch. There was plenty for the crew, plus my other two brothers were working their after school job and were happy to take a couple with them.

Ta-da!! These cookies are a hit. Make 'em.


  1. wow, that looks sooo good. I really need to learn how to bake!

  2. Definitely go for it with your hair! My motto is - it's just hair, it will grow back! Although, I completely understand a traumatic hair-cutting experience as a child because I've had it happen as well! eek!

    Btw, I'm trying to "follow" your blog so your updates appears
    on my dashboard, but I can't seem to find how to do it on yours?? (I'm so new so forgive my slowness!)

  3. On your dashboard, scroll down to "Reading List", and then click "add" and type in my URL. But, it's even simpler if you scroll down to the bottom of my page and there is a handy-dandy "followers" tab. :)
    Thanks for the comment!!

  4. OMG. those look amazing. I've been having some major sugar cravings on this challenge. I *may* need to make these on Nov 15th when the challenge ends! ;)

  5. These. Look. Amazing. You're so blessed to have a brother that can cook! I'll be sure to snag this recipe before he becomes all famous and the best chef in the world!