Saturday, March 1, 2014


how many times do we look at the same things in life- over and over and over and over - again,
and never really SEE them. 

hey humble piece of chocolatey goodness.
I like to bake you.
I love to eat you.
now I'm gonna talk about you. 

you're just a cookie.
but you're so much more. 

when your Grandma makes it, it's not just a cookie; it's a labor of love, a token that connects you to her.

when it's a cookie on the plate of someone who struggles with and eating disorder, who ate it without guilt or anxiety, perhaps for the first time- it's a non-scale victory, a smack in the face of the terror an ED can create in our lives. 

when you've goofed and make a batch for an estranged friend, it becomes a peace offering to begin your attempt to bridge the gap.

when the cookie is made from a recipe that was the first recipe created and published by a budding's a piece of triumph, a trophy- something to celebrate and remember. 

when they're hot and fresh from the oven and filling your house with the most delicious aroma, it's a reminder that the 'aroma' of my life and actions reach further than I imagine.....good or bad.

if you've spaced and made the entire batch with cake flour, it becomes a hockey puck that is suitable for an Olympic gold medal match. 

if you've settled for the store-bought pre-packaged type, it's a reminder that the best things in life can't be bought.

when it's crumbly and a bit dry- just absolutely perfect topping for your ice cream, it's a reminder that imperfections are to be embraced, not fought.

open your eyes.
 what will you see differently today?