Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Things Friday!!

1. Happiness is having people in your life who love you no matter what.........good days and bad days. People who won't let you stay grumpy because they squash you on the couch and take selfies with you until all your blues are chased away. 

2. I do believe there is a significant holiday today that is not getting enough attention. National Peanut Butter Day, I love you more than my birthday. I think peanut butter 3 meals a day is not uncalled for in your celebration. hello under-recognized-highly-important-holiday; I feel your pain and I will celebrate you with extra care and attention. 

3. I got legitimately lost on thought catalog for an unmentionable number of hours this week. hashtag- read all the thoughts, pertinent or not pertinent. Yes, I need to read 21 things to do the photos of your old boyfriends (not pertinent), 12 things to do instead of eat peanut butter (pertinent), 8 ways to come up with the perfect name for your first child (not pertinent), 10 ways to stress less (pertinent) and 14 things you can do to make your hail grow faster (definitely not pertinent). 

4. This happened twice in the last 6 days. #1. too much driving, not enough gas money. #2. too much stress for this girl 

5.  I saved the best for last today---- THE LOST HAVE BEEN FOUND!!!! I had given up every finding my favorite pair of running shoes but they finally resurfaced!! Thankfully my parents don't keep their Christmas tree up year round or my shoes would STILL be hiding behind it. (do not ask me how they got to my parent's house, or behind their tree. there are some questions I just don't have answers to.)

Have a smashingly good Friday, peeps! 

How often do you buy fuel?

Where is the weirdest place you have ever found something you lost? 


  1. Thought catalog always sucks me in..and I ate enough PB today to fuel a small horse!

  2. You found your shoes! Woot woot!!
    You probably won't be friend anymore, but I'm not a big pb fan! I mean I don't NOT like it, I can just take it or leave it. I do love almond butter though!

  3. I hope we can still be friends, but I don't like peanut butter!! The only one I like is the Dark Chocolate Dreams one, but that's impossible not to like.

  4. Seriously...I think there is a National Day for everything lol

  5. Geez. I feel like I buy gas every week! Lame.