Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Goals RECAP and July Goals

This morning I was opening a file for the attorney at work and I dated it April 2013. Backspace; June 2013. Backspace, JULY 2013. How in the world did that happen?!

Goals, goals, goals. I love them. Goals are a two edged sword--  elation when you achieve one, stinging disappointment when you fall short. I'm always quick to share when I've set a goal, the journey to meet it, and when I achieve it. When I don't quite make the grade, it's never my favorite thing to share; "hey look guys, I failed!" But I'm not perfect, I don't always achieve what I set out to do, and I want to be honest. There's no victory in denying the truth, and I will only improve on the goals I missed by analyzing and refocusing. 
My June goals were nothing lofty or amazing, but I'm struggling with how I managed them. Let's recap.

1. Make a meal plan for suppers each week. FAIL. My month was nothing short of crazy, but I'd say I planned ahead for a meal maybe ONE day per week. I did a better job of not just eating the first thing that came to mind- choosing foods that were nutrient/macro oriented, but I'd still like to see improvement in planning ahead.

2. Run my first RelayMAJOR CHECK! I definitely loved this goal and was absolutely thrilled to accomplish the relay with my team. 

3. Blog 3x a  week. ISH. I did blog more consistently last month, but I didn't meet my 3x a week goal. There were days when I could have blogged, but had nothing to say, thus didn't. I'm not a blog-just-to-blog person, but that's an issue for an entirely different post. 

4. Perform 5 consecutive handstand push ups. FAIL. I set this goal and promptly forgot it. I honestly didn't even remember that I'd set 4 goals for the month of June. Oops. I'm probably most disappointed with myself for this one, because I didn't even try. 

As you can see, it wasn't a stellar month for me. While I frustrated, I'm not beating myself up about it. Goals are for personal growth, and if I can't handle failure, I won't handle success either. As a look back over the month of June, my planning and preparation were really non-existent, and I believe that is the major culprit for why I didn't stay focused and meet some of these goals. 
I'm sad to share that I fell short of my goals, but I'm also glad for the opportunity to learn humility and honesty.
I'm excited for a new month, new goals and the new opportunities that lie ahead! It's going to be a killer busy month and I've set some pretty killer goals to go along with it!! 


1. Eat Clean.
That only has 115 billion different meanings, so here's the skittles of what it means for me; no processed sugars, no wheat or gluten, limited dairy, no artificial sweeteners and NO treats/cheats. I made heaps of poor choices in my nutrition over the month of June and I saw many negative changes in my energy, skin, workout performance etc......I usually eat 80/20, but June was more like 30/70. I'm looking forward to refocusing and eating smart in July!! 

2. Speed Work 1x per week.
Speed training is my worst enemy, yet I know it's crucial for improving as a runner. I always intend to have a speed session each week, but it rarely ever happens. During the month of July I'll be incorporating at least one speed work training day per week. Yay track time!

3. Perform 5 Handstand Push-ups.
Yes, I'm bringing this one back for July. #getafterit

4. Celebrate life from a non health/fitness aspect. 
There's a lot more to my life then the food I eat, the miles I run, the weights I lift and how hard I train. Our bodies, our health- while central in our lives - they are just an itty bitty part of the big picture. I don't want to have tunnel vision. So often I measure my days by the performance I have physically, and that's just lame. Let's celebrate LIFE- and the big picture.

Why do you set goals?

What do you do when you DON'T meet a goal you've set?

Setting goals for July?? Link up in the comments!! 


  1. Ohh man I've had those moments of writing the wrong date multiple times too hahaha. Too funny, also that Adam and Eve picture is so good hahaha. I love your goals and I think they are totally attainable!! You will be great, and if you miss one...just go for it again next month!!

  2. Those are great new goals!! No one ever immediately achieves every single goal they set right from the start, and there's no shame in that. We are all a work in progress, and you are trying and inspiring others!!