Monday, July 29, 2013


The whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I've sat at my laptop everyday this month trying to put together a post. I have a handful of drafts. A number of pieced together mumble jumbo posts that I very nearly almost posted. 
July hasn't been a good month, but I didn't want to admit it. I didn't want to own the truth and say, 'hey; I just got bit by a shark and I need to get out of the water for a few minutes'. 
I kept trying to compose these posts that excluded the basic element of my life right now; difficulty. No, no; nothing horrendous or horrific, but sometimes it's the little things that stack together to create a towering mountain that is  seemingly impossible to overcome. 
I'm the queen of okay, the master of "I'm fine" and I never once remember in my entire life saying "I'm having a bad day."
So, let's be honest.

Running away from your problems is a race you will never win.
Honestly, July has been a crappy month. It wasn't just a couple of upside down days sprinkled through the weeks; it was a scraping the bottom of the barrel, forcing yourself out of bed every morning, fighting tooth and nail and wondering how the heck you are going to find a smile. 

I Need...Jesus.#Bible  #BibleVerses  #Christianity  #Christian  #EncouragingWord  #Jesus  #InspirationalQuotes #SpiritualQuotes #Scriptures
Honestly, I really love it when I get to share my faith with someone. Nothing is more central to my life than my relationship with Christ. I never want to push my convictions or beliefs upon anyone, but there is nothing more fulfilling than when I get the chance to tell someone about the wonder of what my Jesus did for me, and you, on the cross.

Honestly, sometimes I just want to be sad. I'm not a huge fan of emotions and feelings, but I have an odd attachment to sadness. When I'm sad, I'm reminded of all the happy things in my life. The soulful tug of sorrow gives me a perspective on the happy things in my life that I don't experience any other way. 

Honestly, I ran fewer miles in July than any other month this year so far. This bothers me, and I'm pretty sure if I would have run a little bit more, July wouldn't have been such an overwhelming month. 

If only I cld get this thru my head!
Honestly, I spend at least 10 minutes an hour worrying. Worrying gets you nowhere, and I know this, yet it's a habit I can't seem to curb. 

Honestly, 1/2 of my problems this month happened because I was trying my hardest to NOT deal with the problems I had. Two wrongs do NOT make a right. 

Honestly, I'm still learning new things about myself. Some of these things I do not like. Some of these things I never knew I was capable of. 

Walk with my darling friend Nicole in the rain.
Honestly, I worry that I am not a good friend. I worry that I don't give enough, that I talk about myself too much, that I won't be able to be there for my friends when they need me the most. 

-Just Give Me a Reason by P!nk
Honestly, I just really love this song by Pink &. Nate Ruess. It's so applicable to any relationship or friendship. 

Be honest with people #true #dailytherapy #Padgram
Honestly,  no one needs to read this post. This post isn't about my readers; this post is about the Curly Pink Runner looking in the mirror and calling it like it is. Because the last thing I want to do is a live a life that's not true, and being true starts with YOU. 

Life is beautiful quote via
Honestly, my life is beautiful. Each and every sticky, messy, unbearable part.
Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. 


  1. I am praying for you :)
    I find when I am just having an awful couple days/weeks/month... I look back through my days and realize that I have made no time for Jesus. It makes me so frustrated that I can just so easily push my alone time with him aside and forget to include Him on my decisions and in my day. I need a restart button... I need to sit quietly with my Bible and read/hear God's word.
    You are beautiful inside and out and I pray that you find peace and joy in the upcoming month!!

    Have a great day full of Jesus and Love :)

  2. Running and Jesus - Totally the best ways to overcome worries and sadness! Hope you can get out of the funk real soon xx

  3. Praying for you, sweet girl!

  4. An honest and from the heart post is sometimes what we all need. You are a beautiful person and a beautiful writer. Thinking and praying for you. xo

  5. Girl, you have no idea how much I truly understand this right now - please feel free to text me if you need anything. I've had one of the crappiest months I've ever had and it's rough! Many prayers headed your way!

  6. "Most of our problems are because of two reasons: we act without thinking, or we keep thinking without acting." This is SO true. <3

  7. Love you. You are amazing. You are a great friend. that is all. :)