Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!!

If there is anything I love in life more than running.......it's my family. I sit here today absolutely amazed with the family I have been blessed with and so grateful to celebrate the life of my eldest sister.

Dear Rebecca,

 Sometimes the word 'family' means nothing more than a string of people tied together by genetics and similar DNA.  Life is tough, and at times it has looked like the problems and trials would consume us until our family was no more than the above definition. But; you have refused to settle for that. I have watched you fight, sometimes single-handedly, so that our family can be whole. So that each one feels loved and valued and most importantly- precious to God.

God knew that one day I would be 20, and like the whole wide world was crashing down around me, and you would be there, and you would hold me and tell me that it was OKAY to hurt, and that it WOULD get better. You were right. It got better.

You love each of us crazy siblings, despite our differences, mistakes and the times we have hurt you. You keep on giving, keeping working and fighting for each relationship.

God knew that our family would have a storm greater than none other hit our family and that when our parents fought for their marriage, you would be the strong rock of the family and faithfully reach out to each sibling to make sure they were alright.

You have modeled what it means to be a faithful wife. You have blessed your husband and added life to his years. Thanks to you, your husband has become the best version of himself that he could ever be; and vise-versa. Andrew is an amazing brother, and I will love him always for how tenderly he loves you.

God knew that one day I would be 21, and I would think I knew what it took to be wise and handle relationships. And He knew I'd need you to tap me on the shoulder and say "don't play with boys, wait and work with a man". You were right. I'm done with the boys and I'm waiting for that man that will work with me.

You have used your creativity, your zest for color and beauty to create a haven in your home.

God knew that despite my best efforts, I wasn't going to be perfect, and when that realization finally hit me, I would need you to laugh with me. That as I realized that instead of being perfect, I was a perfect MESS, you would be there to tell me it was a beautiful mess, and you still believed in me.

You have experienced pain in life, and you have overcome. You're choosing to be better, not bitter, even though it's tough. You haven't settled for okay, you work for amazing.

God knew this world needed more beauty, so he created your face. :)

You taught me how to take care of this head of wicked curly hair that we were both blessed with, and how to rock it even on the less than stellar hair days. I'd still be brushing and crying and who-knows-whatting with it to this day if it wasn't for your assistance early on.

God knew I'd need another person who over-thinks, fuels late-night projects with coffee, buys way too many shoes and packs too many clothes for a 2-day trip because life without options is just blah.

I cannot imagine my life without you, and I'm grateful for you, each and every day!!
Happy Birthday!!
I love you!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SISTER!! You are both gorgeous, as is this letter to her!! She is lucky to call you her sister!!

  2. You literally made me cry.
    totally blubbering.
    thank you.
    I love you.