Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Friday Favorites.

Welcome to the weekend! 
This week was a little bit all over the place-- work, some last minute studying before I test for my CFT exam, some workouts, family time and a couple of random errands that I'd been procrastinating on FINALLY accomplished. For some reason I felt a little bit spread out this week, and my over-achieving, OCD, super-planner, control freak reared it's ugly head. 
Settle down crazy, life is not, should not and will not be perfect. 

1. Holy (Nichole Nordeman)

This simple reminder really blessed me this the midst of all the 'doing' and 'striving' and 'trying' and 'accomplishing' and 'working', all He desires from me; is ME.

2. Cantaloupe.
Hello deliciousness, also known as 'cantaloupe'. Thank you for being the perfect addition to breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, brunch and the answer to midnight hunger pains. You're also awesome as a post run treat, finger food, party food, hide-in-the-closet-while-you-eat-it-so-you-are-not-forced-to-share food. 

3. I've decided how I want to die.
The below photo pretty much sums up the ideal way to pass on from this earth. 

4. Workout

This was not a super stellar week for me as far as workouts go, but I loved my crossfit WOD on Thursday evening. We performed 3 rounds for time; 10 pull-ups, 15 box jumps, 20 push-ups, 25 walking lunges and 30 kettle-bell swings. Talk abut some sweaty amazingness. 

5. All my 'fat pictures.
(me & three of my siblings in Florida, February 2010- 50 pounds ago.)
Self acceptance is a challenging issue-- we have to love where we've come from, where we are at, and where we are headed.  Sometimes we put conditions on our self-acceptance and allow ourselves to be happy with who we are only when we achieve certain things- especially physically. But it's important to love who we were. My oldest sister (check out her super-adorable blog) shared this amazing article and it really hit home for me. I really struggle with wanting to shred all the photos taken of me during my heavy years. As I pondered the perspective that Teresa shared in her article, I remembered that all those years were some of the best years of my life. I have amazing memories and experienced and achieved so, so many wonderful things- regardless of the fact that I'm not thrilled with how I look in any of those photos. I'm grateful for the change to get a change of perspective, and it still applies today, as I still am a work in progress.

Share your Friday Favorite with me!!


  1. I love the positivity spewing out of this post!! Self acceptance is HARD even when you know you have come a long way, I struggle with this all the time. I am slowly starting to find my inner confidence again and enjoy everyday!

  2. By the way, - I have been telling people about your blog, - and saying, - she's such a great writer, that I am loving reading a running blog even though I hate running. And truthfully its more than just a running blog,= I love your sense of humor and the great photos and all of you that shines through!
    Thanks for the link mention, - and comments.
    keep the posts coming, - I love 'em and you! hugs, Rebecca

  3. Love your way to die - it's hilarious (well as funny as death can be... hehe). I absolutely love cantaloupe too - we call it rock melon here in good ol' New Zealand :)