Friday, May 10, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane.

(Blogging from my phone @ the airport)

Thursday morning I attended my first spin class. It was a great class and I definitely got my sweat on for the day! It was fun, but I found myself constantly watching the clock and the 45 minutes felt like an eternity. It is a great cardio alternative and an excellent form of cross-training, so I hope to add in two or three spin classes to my monthly workout schedule.

I did LOVE spinning in position #3. We did jumps and I was psyched each time we moved into #3.

It was pouring rain during spin, but stopped by the time class was over.  I'm a kid at heart and puddle jumping sounded like an exceptionally good idea, but I acted like an adult instead and stood in the street almost got run over and took picture of them instead.

Sweat don't lie!

 I knew I would be hungry when I got home from spin and wanted to have something I could grab right away so before I threw together some oats in a jar. I couldn't decide what flavor combination to use, but the decision was made for me when I opened up my 'plain' greek yogurt and it turned out to be blueberry! In the jar;
1/2 cup oats
2 TBS chia seeds
1 TBS almond butter
1/3 chopped banana
1/2 cup blueberry greek yogurt
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
Totally delicious!

I had some work to do editing photos & spent the remainder of my morning studying for my ISSA exam, which I hope to take by the end of the month. It was raining and it was very relaxing to listen to the rain while I worked through biomechanics and kinesiology!!

Yes, I'm the girl who goes out of her way to take a picture of a puddle that looks like a heart.

I've never seen a puddle that was anything but round, so this heart-shaped one was the cutest thing ever!
My evening was spent packing. I love traveling but packing is never a fun project for me. I never know what to bring! I find that I constantly over-pack and end up coming home with dozens of things I didn't even use. (Prime example- I packed for a 4 day work trip and when I came home I had 3 clean shirts left in my suitcase, plus the dirty ones that I had actually worn. Oh wait, it's perfectly normal to pack 2x the number of clothes you actually need.)
I decided to try and see if I could pack everything I would need for 5 days in a carry-on, so I had a lot less room for those 'extras'. I actually finished with room to spare, so I'm sure I forgot something important.

This morning's wakeup call came at 4:50. Bright and early to get in a good workout before my crazy day began. Getting up so early to work out is not my favorite, but it was the only way to fit in a workout today so I threw away my excuses and got to work! I started with a minute each of supermans, plank, reverse superman and reverse plank, then moved into a full-body routine. It was great to get moving and sweat to start my day.  

It was a little bit difficult to stay focused at work this morning- I'm off to Phoenix for vacation with two of my siblings!
 My brother moved to Arizona (recent graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute and an amazing Chef!) I cannot wait to see him- it's been about 5 months since I saw him last which is 5 months too long! "The Tabs" (my adorable sister & best friend) is also going to fly out there so the three of us will get some quality sibling time - SO excited!!
The past few months have been crazy, so I'm really looking forward to an time to relax with some of my favorite people!! It'll be a little quiet here on the blog until I get back on Tuesday, but I have an extra-special post headed your way Sunday (spoiler alert-- think adorable kids & a photo shoot!)! In the meantime, hit me up on Instagram (@ curlypinkrunner) to see photos throughout the weekend!
Sunshine, cactus and lots of sibling teasing- here I come!!

Tell me what you are doing this weekend?

When you travel do you prefer to fly or drive? I could never choose- I love them both.


  1. Spin is such a great workout. That heart puddle is adorable! Hope you have a great visit with your family.

  2. I love spin! You are right, it is a great cross-training alternative. Have a blast with your siblings. Sometimes, you just need family time. It's the best. I think I prefer flying over driving, but road trips are always fun :)

  3. I am such an over packer too!! Have a great trip to Phoenix. I love Arizona!