Friday, April 26, 2013

Pedal Time.

Go home weather, you are drunk.

Yesterday morning I was backing out of my garage at 5:30 am to head to the gym and I came face to face with an abundance of white stuff. Yeah, it was not only snowing- it was accumulating. I love me some snow, but on April 23rd; it was enough to make me cry.
Today started out a very chilly 27 degrees, but it was almost 60 when I left work at 5. The only thing I wanted to do was r-u-n, but that's not on the menu right now. I used to think the worst thing in the world was a bad run, but I was so, so, SO wrong. The worst thing in the world is WANTING to run and not being able to.
As I left work, I was full of happy plans to get in some quality time with my bike for my workout when I got home. By the time I got home, my motivation was 100% gone.  I was having a pity-party because I couldn't go running and all I wanted to do was curl up and be as unproductive as humanly possible and hibernate from my problems. I finally told myself that I could just go out and bike about a mile- not even break a sweat. I knew the mental challenge was just to get started. Once I was out and on the bike, it was go time. The hard part was getting out the door.

I'm probably the only person who wears a stocking hat in April, but it's not nearly as impressive as the kangaroo pouch I'm rocking there. It might just be a simple 10 mile bike ride but there are some things you just NEED - like extra ear-phones, gloves, house-keys, maybe a stuffed animal to keep you company and whatever else fits. Hey, what are hoodies for?? 

It was a really beautiful night to be outside. It was windy and chilly, but I'm just glad that you can start to feel just that faint touch of spring in the air.
I have found another thing that I'm not good at, and it's biking. I have two speeds on the bike- freakishly fast and turtle slow. I am gear-incompetent. No matter how much I try to pay attention, I always end up either coasting or pedaling like my lungs are about to explode. I can't find that happy medium where you just pedal and stay on a fairly even pace. What am I doing wrong??

I'm not sure which is worse; trying to pedal uphill into a head-wind with a slightly deflated rear tire, or listening to back-to-back Miley Cyrus screeching songs. Meh- it's a definite toss up. I stream Pandora on my phone when I run or bike and usually I get good tunes but tonight's mix wasn't particularly stellar. 

I didn't realize that rain was in the forecast, but about 12 seconds after I parked in the garage, it started pelting rain-bombs. Yay for staying warm and dry!!

Do you like cycling?

What kind of bicycle do you have?


  1. Good for you for getting yourself out there! I know how easy it is to come with excuses, especially when you're injured, so congrats!!

  2. I *heart* biking!! I have a Raleigh (Hybrid) and I LOVE it, though I do want a road bike some day =)

  3. Come bike with me sometime!!! I love the "change-up"!