Monday, March 25, 2013

Just Two Thoughts

4 miles
20 minutes arms & abs circuit

Normally I set my alarm 20 minutes ahead of the time I actually need to get up. This allows me to snooze 2x and use that 20 minutes to wake up and be somewhat functionable by my actual rising time. This morning I rolled out of bed the instant my alarm rang.
This is never a good thing.
While I can't really recall what exactly I did while moving around my house in a very zombie-like fashion this morning, I DO remember having two very distinct thoughts;

1. I am actually becoming a protein pancake making master-- I've finally can make them without them being a complete wreck.

2. What's the big deal about snow on the ground? Everyone is whining about it and I don't see why. Snow hasn't caused me any issues this winter.

fast-forward twenty minutes;
 I eat my protein pancake out of a bowl with a spoon because it didn't just crack on me, it splintered into about 1500 pieces. #1 thought goes down the drain.

fast-forward another 30 minutes and I'm doing one of these in the gas-station parking lot.

The good news is- I didn't spill a drop of my coffee!
I had to chuckle because I am usually the ONLY person in the entire parking lot when I fuel up, but of course this morning, every possible parking spot and fuel pump was occupied and there were only a couple of dozen people on scene to witness my clutziness.
(The truck full of construction workers next to me unloaded the instant my rear made contact with the ground and they all offered to carry me to my car in case I broke something.)

fast-forward another 20 minutes;
I'm sitting in the middle of a cornfield with tears streaming down my face while I laugh uncontrollably. Icy roads-1, my driving-0.
Thought #2 becomes oh so terribly ironic- this snow is now causing me issues on foot or by car.

Amazingly enough neither my rear or my vehicle were damaged. I was able to eek out of a tow bill by flirting like a mad woman with the driver calling a neighborly farmer dude who got stuck himself and then rescued me.

Have you ever gotten stuck in the snow?? Did you laugh or cry??

Spring may be here, but I'm rocking my boots for the last little bit that I can. I figure as long as there is snow on the ground, I can get away with wearing them, no??
(oh, and if there is anything better than purple skinny jeans; I don't know what it is. well, maybe skinny legs in purple skinny jeans.)


  1. That will teach you not to have early morning thoughts! I am glad you're ok, sounds like quite the traumatic day.

  2. Wow, what a day!! Glad everything turned out ok!