Monday, January 28, 2013

Eight Thoughts and Eight Miles.

Marathon Training Week #4- DONE!

So far I have been blessed with awesome weekend weather which makes my long runs so much nicer. I was going to say easier, but who am I kidding! 'easy' does not belong in the same sentence as running.

1. Realistic expectations are important. When I started out on my long run I told myself "no goal time. Just get in the 8 miles and you win." In my constant desire to improve, I never run without a goal-- PR time, negative splits, or avoiding my repeated face plants. Saturday was warm, but WINDY-- 25-30 mph. It's not rocket science that when it's that windy, chances are you are going to run just a tad slower. Letting myself off the hook, running for the sheer enjoyment of it and not stressing about the time made for a much happier run.

2. I got chased by some sheep. This was a first. I've been chased by dogs, cats, cows and humans but never sheep. You may call me Bo-Peep.

3. Did I mention it was windy? Just a little bit.

4. I can talk on the phone, text, drink coffee, read the newspaper and laugh at the same time, but I cannot run and open a package at the same time. I swear it took me 1/2 a mile to get the GU Chomps open. I tried the Blueberry/Pomegranate flavor and they were worth the work to get open. I didn't really feel like fuel was necessary for an 8 mile run, but I really want to get my stomach comfortable with mid-race fueling. I ate the chomps at mile 4.

5. Wearing insulated running leggings in 60 degree weather is dumb. Check the temperature before you bundle up next time silly face!!

6. To my neighbors-- your homemade BBQ smelled heavenly. It took all my will power to not run up your front steps and straight into your kitchen. "Hey neighbor, can I borrow a cup of sugar....oh nevermind I'll just settle for that tray of ribs." I can't decide if it was your barking dog that scared me off or the fact that I live in KS and you probably own a gun and would shoot me if I ran into your kitchen.   

7. I pretty much am addicted to trees. I have a hard time concentrating on my running when there are trees in the vicinity. I love looking at them, taking pointless pictures of them and imagining how each tree looks during different seasons.

8. NO bloody foot this run!! I was scared to take off my shoes when I was finished because I was scared of what I might find. My foot was in perfect condition post-run. Yay!


  1. Nice long run!!!
    LOL @ number 2,sheep?!!?
    @ number 4 - i simply can't do ANY of those, even talk, when running. I always stop!

  2. I think it is very hard to get used to fueling during a run. I think it was smart of you to practice on the 8 miler! I am glad the sheep didn't get you!