Friday, August 31, 2012

Totally Talkable Thursday.

1. I have yet to figure out why anyone would ever design an article of clothing without pockets. I have bought clothing that I will never wear for the sole reason that it has pockets! I am sure that at some point, some person in the US is going to drop their phone and sue the company of the clothes they are wearing because they are pocket less.

2. Chai tea is pretty much an exceptional mood booster. I have yet to meet a cup I didn't like. I have to say, Starbucks has nailed their iced chai recipe. I've contemplated working there just to get their recipe.

3. This week my brother had a non-injury wreck after he blew a tire in his vehicle. Ya'll have any idea how expensive insurance is for a 15 year old male?? Add a couple of zeroes and you have the adjusted number post- wreck. Seeing as it wasn't even his fault, I feel super bad for him. Praise Jesus he was unharmed!!

4. Everytime I get ready to say the words "I like Country music"; they play a Jason Aldean song and I quickly change my mind. And then Jason Aldean goes and writes "Tattoos on this Town" and "Fly over States" and I immediately realize that I don't like Country music. I LOVE it.

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